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News |  08 Jan 2013 21:35 |  By RnMTeam

World Sufi Spirit Festival enters 5th year

MUMBAI: Over 70 artistes from India and around will participate in the fifth World Sufi Spirit Festival in Rajasthan. It will witness performance of artistes from East, Asia and Africa to the rich heritage of India.

Speaking with Maharaja Gaj Singh II said, “Sufi Music brings a feeling of universality in the true spiritual sense; it is a divine blend of Power and Tenderness.”

Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Marwar-Jodhpur had started the fest to preserve and continue the rich Rajasthani Sufi Music. “The Mehrangarh Museum Trust has dedicated itself to the preservation and development of the rich tangible and intangible heritage of Marwar. For the past many years it has been promoting the Royal Court Music, with main focus on Sufi and Folk music. Both Jodhpur and Nagaur were prominent part of the ancient silk route. 13th – 16th century was the Classical Age of Sufism in India and across the globe,” he said.

The main appeal of the fest will be The Nile Sufi - A sufi ritual in a village of Upper-Egypt by Sheikh Ghanan and the Sufis of Deir, Meshk Ensemble of Mevlana-Turkey and the Theyyam Ritual from India.

Speaking about the Sufi music in India and abroad, he said, “While the visible difference is that of language and origin however the spirit which establishes the divine connection is fundamentally the same. The common element of bonding exists due to prevalence of Sufi brotherhood across the Sufi tradition of the world.”

Fest will be held at Mehrangarh Fort-Jodhpur from 22- 24 February and at Ahhichatragarh Fort-Nagaur from 25-27 February with the support of Mehrangarh Museum Trust. Sufism came to Marwar when the Sufi saint Hamid al-din Chisti; disciple of the famous Sufi saint Muin al-din Chisti of Ajmer; established his khanaqah (school) in Nagaur during the 13th century.