| 22 Jul 2024
RAM Week 46: Huge recovery for Radio City in Mumbai; Mirchi loses 1.2% in Kolkata, remains No.1 there

*City adds 2.3% share in Mumbai

*AIR stations drop shares in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai

MUMBAI: Radio City staged a huge recovery in Mumbai, in simple percentage terms of market share per Wk 46/10 of RAM Data All India, 12+ all listening places for the whole week. The station, which had lost a whopping 1.3% in Mumbai last week, more than made up for the loss by adding 2.3%  to its market share and moved up to second place  in Mumbai with a total of 14.7% market share, clearly ahead of Red FM (12.6%)  and behind market leader Radio Mirchi sitting on top with 17.6% market share. However, Radio Mirchi also registered the biggest loss in simple percentage terms in market share -- a big 1.2% in Kolkata, where it continues to lead the market.

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