| 27 Nov 2022
RAM Week 45: Big gains for AIR FM-1 in all 4 metros; Radio City loses 1.3% in Mumbai

MUMBAI: In simple % gain terms, the biggest gainer in Wk 45 per RAM Data All India, 12+ all listening places for the whole week, was Akashvani Mumbai which gained 0.8%, followed closely by AIR FM1-Rainbow which gained 0.7% in Mumbai, 0.6% in Delhi, 0.5% in Bangalore and 0.3% in Kolkata. It has been the only station that registered strong gains across all four RAM-mapped metros. The biggest losses in a single metro were suffered by Radio City in Mumbai, which lost a whopping 1.3% , followed by Fever FM 104 in Kolkata and Red FM in Mumbai -- both at -0.9%.

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