| 01 Feb 2023
RJ Malishka opens up about a sting operation on her show
MUMBAI:  Mumbai ki rani RJ Malishka and the team at RED FM Mumbai opened up about a sting operation earlier this morning.
The team played a radio show called ‘Thug Life’ in order to create awareness regarding the scams happening around and that too giving the audience a live example of it.
Yesterday on Instagram, Malishka gave a glimpse about this, saying, “As it is a long weekend and these would be ‘dry days’ everyone would want to fill their coffers with all sorts of alcohol and there is a big scam that is being run around the city.”
“According to the election rules, no one can come home and deliver alcohol.  So if they tell you that they will be delivering it at home they are already fooling you. They might ask for your credit card number, CVV number be very carefully in this case,” she further informed the audience.