| 19 Jun 2024
The vision of 'Nexa Music' is pretty grand: Samir Bangara, Qyuki Digital co-founder

MUMBAI: Maruti Suzuki India announced the launch of Nexa Music in collaboration with Qyuki Digital Media, a platform which would help budding talents to create original international music.  The unique initiative by Nexa is curated to provide aspiring Indian musicians - a platform to compose original lyrics.  

Nexa Music invites entries from budding musicians across the country to participate. The participants will be mentored by famous music composers and global music icon AR Rahman, supported by Clinton Cerejo. To elaborate on this we have Qyuki Digital Media co-founder and managing director Sameer Bangara.

He spoke about his vision of Nexa Music, “The vision is pretty grand. Given that it is Nexa, we have taken a conscious call to neither overcommit nor under-deliver, which won’t be possible in a year. This is a realization for people who want to do long term, otherwise, it’s always about to let’s make this big right now! Nexa as a brand has backed certain properties, which have got involved into for multiple years.”

“How we take this as a property, an opportunity, which survives over several years and how do we manage to have certain artists, who are emerging on the global scene, would be a challenge for us. Exact modalities are the things, we want to do,” he further told.

Lastly, on being asked about Qyuki’s collaboration with Nexa, Bangara said, “It was a very intensive process that took over nine months. It wasn’t something that was a typical brand project. We also wanted to do something in this space. The fact, AR Rahman is so keen and forward-leaning that it makes a difference. He always thinks at a difference. There have been several brand hunts largely about cover artists, but won’t it be awesome if we actually have an original English music Independent. That’s our dream and that’s what’s exciting for us.”