| 16 Aug 2022
Frontier CEO recognised by digital radio industry as DAB chip sales pass 30 million milestone
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MUMBAI: Anthony Sethill, CEO of Frontier Silicon, yesterday received World DAB’s award for outstanding services to digital radio.

The award, presented by World DAB Vice President and CEO of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner, is recognition of Anthony’s contribution to the development of DAB technologies and markets over the last 15 years.

During this period, Frontier has invested over $50 million on the development of its 'Chorus' family of digital radio chips – the 4th of which went into mass production earlier this year. These chips have sold over 30 million units - making them, by some distance, the best-selling DAB solutions of all time.

Anthony, previously a Vice President of WorldDAB, has also played a critical role in the international development of DAB digital radio – not only developing the early digital radio chips, but also being actively involved in the launches of DAB+ in Australia in 2009 and Germany in 2011.

Joan Warner, VP of World DAB, said, “Anthony’s influence on the development of DAB digital radio has been enormous. He has combined technology expertise with strong commercial instincts – often providing much-needed impetus to motivate a diverse range of players from across the digital radio ecosystem. Anthony’s drive and commitment were key factors in enabling the successful launch of DAB+ in Australia and Germany.”

Anthony Sethill, CEO, Frontier Silicon, said, “I am delighted to accept this award – first and foremost as recognition for the efforts of the Frontier team over the last 15 years. Working closely with broadcast partners, our focus has always been on delivering high quality technology solutions and personalised support to customers.”

“DAB digital radio is entering an important next phase in its development. I look forward to playing a continued role in its development.”