Biz  |  04 May 2020

All India Radio (AIR) World Service brings back International Dawn Chorus Day tradition

MUMBAI: Live celebration to air of birdsong on International Dawn Chorus Day, which has always been a tradition of broadcaster’s collaboration.

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Biz  |  12 Sep 2015

AIR External Services marks golden jubilee of its Urdu service with musical evening

NEW DELHI: The Urdu service in All India Radio’s External Services has completed fifty years.

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Biz  |  10 Sep 2015

Post Chinese listeners, All India Radio to target Hindi lessons for Russian listeners

NEW DELHI: All India Radio (AIR) is launching lessons in learning Hindi through radio in its External Services for Russia within the next few weeks

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Entertainment  |  03 Sep 2015

I am an introvert and not that crazy about being in the limelight: RJ Bhavna

RJ Bhavna of Radio Misty is content with what she has in life. She does not wish to explore newer regions when it comes to RJing.

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Biz  |  31 Aug 2015

Narendra Modi: "All India Radio is responsible for uniting people"

MUMBAI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi used All India Radio (AIR) to release the digital version of Ramcharitmanas and praised the artistes who were

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Biz  |  19 Aug 2015

All India RadioÆs failure to act on time in Cooch BeharÆs tower incident led to Rs 84.92 lakh loss: CAG

NEW DELHI: The Indian Government lost Rs 84.92 lakh because of the collapse of the FM tower at Cooch Behar in West Bengal because the Eastern Zonal

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Biz  |  15 Aug 2015

FM Phase III: Bidding remains moderate for channels with cumulative winning price rising to Rs 1079 crore

NEW DELHI: Bids remained modest though greater interest was shown in some more channels on the fifteenth day of the e-auction for the first batch o

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Biz  |  15 Aug 2015

Radio stations sing Independence Day tune

MUMBAI: As India gears up for the Independence Day, radio stations across the country also are singing different tunes to celebrate the same.

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Biz  |  14 Aug 2015

APJ Abdul Kalam's last interview to air on All India Radio

NEW DELHI: All India Radio is to broadcast excerpts of a recorded conversation with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for an English feature on India's Space

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Biz  |  13 Aug 2015

I&B suggest TV channels to carry DD-sourced language interpretation of I-day for hearing impaired

MUMBAI: President Pranab Mukherjee will address the nation tomorrow at 7.00 pm on the eve of Independence Day.

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