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News |  15 May 2015 19:34 |  By RnMTeam

Mandar Cholkar has no time for 'writer's block' with writing lyrics for four Marathi films

MUMBAI: Marathi lyricist Mandar Cholkar seems to have no time for himself amidst working simultaneously on five upcoming Marathi features. Cholkar gained popularity last year when three films that he wrote lyrics for- 'Pyaar Wali Love Story', 'Natee' and 'Candle March', soared at the Marathi box office. This year Cholkar is working on five films, starting with 'Welcome Zindagi', which is scheduled for release next month. It will be followed by 'Bandh Nylonche', 'Radio Nights', 'Short Cut', 'G.R.' and 'Vaajlach Pahije'.

While Cholkar could not name the tracks that he has been working on, he did state what the songs were about. Speaking about the development on the music for 'Bandh Nylonche', he said, “Right now, two songs have been recorded, one revolves around a Ganesh Utsav celebration, while the other is a rather sad and melancholic track. Then there is another track, which is very loud, upbeat and fun. The final track in the film's soundtrack will be featured in the film's credits, however, that is yet to be deliberated upon.”

Cholkar is also currently working with composer Nilesh Mohire for the new suspense thriller 'Radio Nights'. “This is the first time I am working with Nilesh for a theatrical motion picture. I had previously worked with him on commercials and television themes,” stated Cholkar. He added that the film will have only two songs. One is a soft romantic track that is sung by Hrishikesh Ranade, and the second is an interesting Marathi take on the traditional Sufi style of music.

Along with 'Radio Nights', Cholkar is also working with Mohire on two other films viz., 'Short Cut' and 'G.R.' For 'Short Cut'. He has only written one song so far, with the others still being developed. “'G.R.' features a total of four songs; three of them have been decided and worked upon. There are two songs, through which I plan to showcase my take on the traditional Lavani style of Marathi music. The third song is a soft romantic love song, and the last is being planned as a promotional single to be released closer to the film,” he informed.

Cholkar is very excited about a track that he recently wrote, which is being termed as one-of-its-kind item number that is picturised on a man. The track will be included in the soundtrack of the upcoming film called 'Vaajlach Pahije', which is being scored by Praful Karlekar. The remaining two songs include a love song and a promotional single for the film's release.