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News |  03 Apr 2015 16:41 |  By Aashay Dalvi

EXCLUSIVE: The Veronicas to tour India by late 2015, and again in 2016

MUMBAI: Pop/punk rock sister duo – The Veronicas, will perform in India by the end of this year, and again in 2016, as revealed by one of the twins, Jessica. However, it is not certain whether the India tour will be part of the band’s ongoing Sanctified Tour. scored an exclusive interview with Jessica where she spoke about the inspiration behind bringing The Veronicas to India and the new Veronicas record. “I came to India in February this year, but that was just with some friends on a holiday. I went to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple in Delhi, and then the one in Vrindavan. I love India, and we are definitely going to perform here towards the end of this year, and again next year,” she said.

When asked through which organisation in India the duo would be touring the country, Jessica said, “The dates have not yet been decided upon, so we do not know who is bringing us to India, but we are coming to India nonetheless.” She further cited that the culture, music and devotion of Indians are incredible and said, “Even though, I have only seen Delhi and Vrindavan, I want to visit places like Mumbai.” It is likely that The Veronicas could perform at Delhi.

The Veronicas are currently working on a deluxe version of their last album – ‘The Veronicas’, Jessica confirmed. “The deluxe record will have seven new songs. We are also working on a new record,” she said. Meanwhile, the duo is working on releasing the music video for their last single ‘Cruel’ internationally. “So far, the single has been released in Australia, but in the next couple of months, we want to make ‘Cruel’ our second international single after ‘You Ruin Me’. This means, you guys in India will watch simultaneously with the US,” added Jessica.

Jessica also said that one of the first few things on her to-do list was to travel to India. “I have always wanted to travel to India and now that I have done that, I want play here and record here. I want to infuse the traditional Indian music with pop music,” she added.