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Review |  02 May 2008 18:57 |  By RnMTeam

Dream Out Loud - Human Race

Genre: Indie-Rock

Label: Forsheur Records

Our Rating: 3.5/5

Dream Out Loud is an idea that started out a long time ago in the minds of two musicians who hoped of somehow connecting with as many people as possible through their music. Dream out loud filltered Chandresh and Suraj's scribbling through Indie rockers' sense of humour and a musician's love of language and notes.

Dream Out Loud comprises Suraj Jagan on the vocals, Chandresh Kudwa on the Guitars and Bass and Darshan who's featured on this album as a guest Drummer. It took them almost a year to come out with their album Human Race and its inspired by the chaotic Mumbai lifestyle. These two guys came together to write songs about the crimson tide of the world from their point of view.

The 10 songs in the album best describe the band and its ability to captivate its listeners. Last Days In Earth is the opening track of the album - a good combination of Vocals and Guitar which gradually starts off slowly and as it picks up pace with a retrospective kind of irony in the whole song.

So Far So Good doesn't have the punch and panache, it sounds more like a glam pop Indie-Rock track where the vocals are crunching and the result is pretty unsparkling.

Prayer in your Heart has a vocal delivery by Suraj which is honest, down to earth, a cry-from-the-soul, somewhat on the lines of Jon Bon Jovi. The guitarist Chandresh does play long rythmic swanky solos with a tinge of eighties style, but somewhere the words get entangled with flow of the song.