MUMBAI: My FM known for offering unique content to its listeners has added one of the most innovative shows in the country to its existing bouquet of unique shows.

The show ‘Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai’, which is in a storytelling format which covers real life stories, acts as an inspiration for everyone and is an extension of My FM’s brand philosophy – Jiyo Dil Se. Over the last few years the art of storytelling has made a comeback on the radio which today has evolved into a very effective medium of the masses. The art of storytelling has been present since time immemorial and had lost its way over the last few years, My FM has tried to revive the art and has been successful in doing that. The listeners keep tuning back for more as they look forward to something they can relate with on an emotional level.

Launched in October last year, the show has been received very well by listeners and airs in all the cities where My FM is present except Ahmedabad and Surat. For the show, My FM has compiled over 100 stories, showcasing the real life struggles, relationships and day to day experiences of the people. Storytelling has an emotional impact on listeners, they tend to identify with the characters in the story and display different emotions in reaction to what they hear over the radio and that leads to a deeper connect. Few of the stories that the channel has aired include that of a couple who waited almost six years for the family to agree as the girl was 5 years older to the guy - A taboo in our society and another one where a woman takes a stand against an abusive marriage and decides to raise her girl child single handedly.

Commenting on the favorable response to the show, 94.3 My FM  CEO  Harrish M Bhatia said, “We believe in constantly offering the best content to our listeners by studying the markets we are present in and this allows us to continuously experiment with various show formats. Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai is a result of hard work and dedication by our team, the show has a social conscience and highlights issues which are social in nature and at the same time entertains the listeners. The show tries to narrate the stories

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