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News |  11 Dec 2013 10:53 |  By RnMTeam

Kingfisher Premium soars higher, with the 'World's First Beer Dispenser triggered by Headbanging'

BENGALURU: What blends better with a pint of beer than rock music? Nodding to this fact, Kingfisher Premium introduced a Beer Dispenser- truly one of a kind, with a bang! This year chronicled the World’s first Beer Dispenser Machine triggered by head banging, as thousands of Bangaloreans came together for The Great Indian Octoberfest by Kingfisher Premium.

With mesmerizing musical performances and lots of Kingfisher beer flowing in the background, the festival kept the spirit high and bubbling for enthusiasts. Being the country’s most awaited musical fiesta, the fest has grown leaps and bounds since its inception. With a magnifying footprint, immense research and effort is channelized year after year to provide enhanced consumer experience.

Encapsulating the significance of experience, Kingfisher fused the love for beer and lust for rock music into a unique concept. Music and beer witnessed a never before sync, as participants went all out head banging to their favourite numbers; and grabbing their share of free beer. ’The Good Times Dispenser’ created an atmosphere of limitless fun and frolic, and continued adding to the legacy of Good Times.

The patrons had to login to his or her Facebook account, strap on a helmet that captured the head’s movements and headbang in front of a beer vending machine. A mobile device attached to the helmet recorded the number of headbangs generated, and the count was displayed on an LCD screen. Through motion capture technology, the action of headbanging caused beer cans to be dispensed from the machine. Within 30 seconds, the individual had to headbang as much as he or she could. The faster an individual headbanged, the more beer he or she won. Users also had the opportunity to share their conquests on their social networking accounts.

The results were phenomenal as hordes of beer lovers lined up to experience the machine, and headbanged with gusto, with most coming back for a second round. Dizzying headbanging sessions took place, with some patrons walking away with as many as 6 cans of beer at a time!100s of beer cans were expended over a course of 3 days and nearly 1,00,000 headbangs were generated in 3 days, with almost 3,00,000 impressions online.