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News |  23 Feb 2015 19:34 |  By RnMTeam

Avinash-Vishwajeet almost done with scoring Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 2

MUMBAI: Five years after its release, Marathi film ‘Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai’ has finally got a sequel, called ‘Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 2.’ Even though viewers will have to wait till November to watch Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve share their classic chemistry on the big screen, music composer duo Avinash-Vishwajeet confirmed that the soundtrack will be available in a few month’s time.

The creative team from the first film is back again for the sequel, including director Satish Rajwade, music composer duo Avinash-Vishwajeet and singers- Hrishikesh Ranade, Swapnil Bandodkar and Bela Shende.

Just like the original, there are four songs in the sequel’s soundtrack, stated Vishwajeet Joshi. “The first song is called ‘Zaad Hi Preethi Shi’ and is a duet sung between Swapnil Bandodkar and Bela Shende. The second is a male solo by Hrishikesh Ranade called ‘Saath De Tu Mala’,” he added.

The third track is called ‘Band Baaja Varaat’. As the name suggests, the song is wedding-themed and boasts an ensemble of singing talents, ranging from contemporary hit singers like Hrishikesh Ranade, and Bela Shende, legendary Marathi singer Suresh Wadkar and a few more, whose vocals have not yet been recorded.

Regarding the track, Joshi said, “This song is a six minute long wedding track featuring some of the biggest music giants in Marathi music. It is a musical story of a wedding narrated through melody, which has three songs merged into one. The song depicts all the emotions that are witnessed during a wedding celebration. From the up-beat party music, to the emotional ‘antara’, to the heartbreaking separation that a bride experiences; all the emotions are in the song.” The song depicts the marriage of the film’s leads, played by Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve, respectively.

The final track in the soundtrack is yet to be recorded.

Joshi also noted that in the past few years, he had not come across a Marathi song which centres on a Marathi wedding. For the track, Joshi has used orchestrations featuring a large group of violins, and an interesting new arrangement. “We are retaining the original flavour of the first movie, but at the same time we are adding elements that showcase the evolution of the characters of the film and the growth of the music that corresponds with it,” Joshi added.

Meanwhile, the music composer duo will soon be performing across Maharashtra as a part of ‘The Avinash-Vishwajeet Show’ in April, for which they are busy in rehearsals.

'Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 2' releases 12 November 2015.