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News |  11 Jun 2020 18:49 |  By Tolika Yeptho

'Maatham' is about life's flipside says Prashanth Srinivas

MUMBAI: Prashanth Srinivas composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist released his latest track “Maatham”, a collaboration with the amazing Mayank Kapri and MC Heam, who had a chance to be an integral part of the Mumbai Hindi Rap scene.

The initial idea of the song “Maatham” is about Life's flipside, “The Darkness within, that each and every one of us must accept, embrace and learn to live with. This seemed very needed during these turbulent times, since we keep hearing messages of hope, and positivity, but within the darkness inside us too there is a positivity to be found and admired”.

Watch here:

Commenting on the experience sharing the mic with Mayank Kapri and MC Heam, “Both of them are supremely talented artists vocally, and I am more of a composer who also sings/raps. Therefore, it was definitely a bit nerve racking, but I was only adding the vocal glue on the song as compared to performing the leads, therefore, I ensured I got enough out of those two first and then set out to fill in the gaps with harmonies and vocal chants”.

It’s been quite a ride for the last 7 years shared Prashanth, beginning with learning Western Classical music at KM Music Conservatory, a music school run by A R Rahman, in Chennai. Combined with a training in Indian Classical Carnatic music and an aptitude for Film Scoring, he had been blessed with the opportunity to study at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and specialized in Film Scoring.

“Having learnt the tricks of the trade via composers in Hollywood, I wanted to apply them back home and moved back to India in 2017. Since then I have been making my way into the diverse world of the Indian Film Industry. Things have been very promising ever since I moved back to let’s keep our fingers crossed and see where this journey leads us”, he adds.

Prashanth has scored music for numerous short films and video games and aims to promote his diverse music as a language free of genres and constraining artistic barriers through his initiative RagaHaus.

Finding time to do everything, and knowing what to outsource. One always thinks they need to be in control of everything but a multi-tasker always needs to be able to let go of stuff every now and then and see the very elements of music take their own shape, when left in the hands of experts, said the singer.

Further, the “Thaare Bina” singer believes completely in the business of collaboration and teamwork. He shared that he is nothing without the people he works with, and once that is realized, Life becomes simpler and music becomes easier to make. But still not able to find time to do everything.