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News |  17 Jul 2018 13:21 |  By RnMTeam

Nucleya disqualifies 'Laung Gawacha' Remix contest winner

MUMBAI: The winner of Nucleya’s recent contest, Laung Gawacha Remix, Sukh Dhami Music, has been disqualified by the  Bass Raja.

In a video shared on his twitter handle, Nucleya expressed, “The winner we chose for the Laung Gawacha remix contest hasn’t submitted a legitimate entry. Sukh Dhami Music, whom we had declared as the winner, has rather made a mash-up. He took a demo song of an existing sample pad, which is also there on Splice and pasted his vocals of Laung Gawacha on top of it.”

“I am okay if you want to use a sample pad bit, but it’s not right for the other producers, who have made the remix. If you take an existing song and put the vocals of the remix contest track on top of it and submit it as a remix, that’s completely not cool. So, we have decided to disqualify Sukh Dhami Music as the winner and we have chosen a new winner. I would like to congratulate Cryptic Music for being the new winner,” he further added.

Specifying the reason for others not getting selected, Nucleya mentioned, “While some entries had a good intro, some had a good build-up, while others had a good drop. But, the overall attempt was good.”

Lastly, the music producer apologized for taking time to come out with this declaration, as he said, “Apologies for the delay in addressing this publicly, I wanted to go through all the remixes again and pick out the ones I enjoyed and the new winner. It took me a couple of days, but I think this issue required my proper attention and I wanted to address this correctly.” 

Laung Gawacha Remix contest that commenced on 16 May had ended on 14 June. Nucleya had also uploaded the stems to Laung Gawacha for everyone to download and make a remix. Remixes were to be uploaded on Splice platform.