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News |  30 Jan 2018 18:33 |  By RnMTeam

People fail to know 'social media etiquettes: RJ Malishka on MTV Troll Police

MUMBAI: Trolls are commonly seen on social media today. But the one who goes through it understands the feeling of being trolled. Also stated as negative comments, trolls come in various forms but when it has a take on slut-shamming, body- shamming,etc, they do take a toll.

Observing the increasing number of trolls, MTV has come up with a new show called MTV Troll Police, for trollers to have an upfront conversation with the victim. This reality show is hosted by Roadies fame Rannvijay Singha. MTV has taken an initiative to address the issue of cyber bullying, something music needed to educate the society. After the first two episodes which aired successfully, the team got RED FM’s RJ Malishka on their third episode.

On collaboration with MTV, Malishka said, “When they first approached me with the idea I was a little confused whether to go for it or no. I cleared my doubts by asking questions about the shows and other participants which convinced me to go for it. Being an RJ I have the benefit of interacting with my fans directly, unlike other celebrities. I thought this would be a great collaboration and I believe this show is a ‘small step’ in a right direction.”

In terms of internet usership, India ranks second globally. With this there has been an advent of social media technology which increased on a wider scale. Well it does carry pros and cons, while Malishka embarks on the cons, “I think the situation is horrible as it is reaching out epic proportions. It is observed that people are more inclined towards social media. People really miss out on how ‘culture of social media interaction’ should be done.”

Social media gives the power to voice out what’s right but also carries immense responsibility. “People fail to know ‘social media etiquettes’. Whether it’s okay to put somebody’s personal message on social or no is something people need to give a second thought,”said Malishka.

“The way people put out their thoughts on social media is disappointing. I think people are entitled to talk  on every particular issue if they want to, but they just have to figure out the right words,” the RJ added.

A ‘negative’ troll tends to grab attention quickly and its repercussions are shoddy.  To this she said, “I feel a troll is like a ‘murder’ of your own group. Trolling can actually set as a barrier for people who are doing good, it can be a creative person, an actor, an actress, or a politician. I have seen where trolling has brought down levels of creativity and quality of work.  One is a celebrity angle and another worrying aspect is amongst the ‘youth’ where it would really end up pulling you down and would further lead to depression,” adds Mumbai ki Rani.”

Malishka shares her way of dealing with negative trolls. “I either give it back to them or delete the comments. I have people apologizing to me for it and a few commenting ‘aapne mere comments delete kyu kiye’. One can’t come to my page and talk rubbish. I believe people who pass out these comments are the ones who carry a lot of self doubt with them,” adds Malishka.

Lastly, Malishka shares one of her troll incidents. She said, “I realized very early in my life that a troll wants attention. I remember a  guy who used to write to me in 50 different names and constantly criticized me. One fine day this boy walks up to me and confesses that all those messages which I used to get were from him. He also said whenever you (Malishka) wrote back to me it was only when I trolled you, but ignored my good comments. I was shocked listening to this. To be honest, I receive a lot of  appreciation and I thank all of them at the end with a message.”