Entertainment  |  21 Nov 2017

RJ Heer gets a pat on the back from Amritsar Commissioner of Police

MUMBAI: When Red FM Amritsar launched a public safety activity to enable the nearest police control room to inform about anyone found breaking traf

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Biz  |  14 Nov 2017

RED FM partners with big ticket events across India to connect with the youth

MUMBAI: RED FM continues to bank on and partner with big ticket events across India.

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Biz  |  13 Nov 2017

I believe music is the soul of the mind: Neerja Birla

MUMBAI: Last night was probably the best for all Arijit Singh fans and the production value set standards for many.

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Biz  |  28 Oct 2017

RJ Abhimanyu takes over RJ Nasar on 'Naughty Nights'

MUMBAI: RJ Nasar, best known for his Naughty Nights show on Red FM has now been replaced with a new RJ.

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Biz  |  26 Oct 2017

Radio Mirchi and RED FM to co-air a show

MUMBAI: PepsiCo India’s Quaker Oats+Milk, a one-of-a-kind grain dairy beverage along with Mindshare, India’s largest full-service media agency, a

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Entertainment  |  25 Oct 2017

Diljit Dosanjh's 'El Sueno' breaks on radio exclusively with RED FM

MUMBAI: Diljit Dosanjh’s most awaited single El Sueno which finally released on 19 October was flooded on social media till its release da

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Biz  |  23 Oct 2017

Relevance of content is important: Rajat Uppal

Radio stations are no longer restricting themselves to the studio.

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Entertainment  |  20 Oct 2017

AIR played an important role in my marriage: Mamta Sehgal

A woman plays diverse roles before and after her marriage and each time with numerous challenges in life.

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Entertainment  |  19 Oct 2017

RJs share special Diwali message

MUMBAI: Every festival in India is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy, but we end up being selfish.

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Biz  |  12 Oct 2017

After Radio Mirchi, RED FM enters Jammu

MUMBAI: It’s celebration week for Jammu as two major radio stations from the industry have stepped into the state for more entertainment.

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Biz  |  28 Sep 2017

RED FM objects public urination with 'Ek No. Wall'

MUMBAI: RED FM has taken up the civic issue of open urination on walls that is a common sanitation problem.

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