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News |  20 Dec 2017 20:51 |  By RnMTeam

Being on listeners mind is my plan: RJ Malishka

MUMBAI: #MalishkaKoMattSunn has grabbed more eyeballs than what the controversies around the radio star have in the past few months. RED FM has managed to get the listeners and the non-listeners thinking about this campaign. Everyone today is curious to know, what’s happening to the Mumbai Ki Rani’s morning radio show? Finally, the puzzle is solved as Malishka breaks her silence.

“This campaign is for the people who continue doing things like teasing a girl on the road, in spite of me saying a no to them. So, on a simple note, I am asking them to just stop listening to me, if they still continue the wrong practices,” states RJ Malishka.

The RJ has always raised voice against the unjust practice and the campaign is about it. “I think it is a great time for the campaign because you can do this only when you have extreme trust in the brand, the one leading the brand and the listeners. This campaign was discussed a long time back which was a great idea and they need time to be put in action. So, we thought this was the right time as many things happened this year. I completed 12 years in the company and the Sonu Song that categorised us on a completely different level then Tumhari Sulu and a television show. Also, the buzz had gone higher,” says Malishka.

Do you know where did the idea come from? “The song (Sonu song) got me onto a different perception of people. Also, out of the 99 per cent people who were with me, there was a small set of people who said – arre kya hai yeh Malishka, kya bakwas kar rahi hai, isko mat suno (What is this, she says anything, let’s not listen to her). Taking the idea from there, we came up with #MalishkaKoMattSunn,” explains the RJ.

The RED FM team has received mixed reactions to this campaign. There are many who’ve got on the aggressive mode, while the others actually feel that she is leaving RED.  “As the campaign begun, people got very curious and started asking me what is happening. There are people who call and tell me that what this videos about? We are not listening to what the stars are saying in the video, we will still listen to you. Also, it is interesting to know that people think that the station will run a campaign on someone’s exit. It is a sarcastic campaign but it’s cute to know half of them didn’t get it,” says Malishka on the audience reaction.

The campaign which will go on till the end of this month has a small contest running where the listeners are asked to click a nice picture of the #MalishkakoMattSunn hoardings in the city and post it on their social media. The best picture wins a prize. “My idea has always been that radio and the listeners to be one and I keep doing engagement campaigns. For me, involvement is very important,” she adds.

2018 is around the corner and we are eager to know what plans Malishka has for the upcoming year. “Earlier I was a workaholic, I haven’t changed much, but I need to have a life beyond it (radio) to share the tiny inputs with my listeners. So, I will keep doing this at my best. My motto is if your influence changes something for good you should do it. I have no specific plans for 2018 yet as things keep changing in the city, so you can’t pre-plan. But being on listeners mind is my plan,” ends Mumbai Ki Raani.