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Interviews |  29 Oct 2014 18:29 |  By RnMTeam

Goldspot's Sid Khosla to work on TV show while touring India

MUMBAI: After performing in India four times before, Goldspot, will for the first time, perform as part of the country's most prominent music festivals, Bacardi NH7 Weekender. Goldspot frontman Siddhartha Khosla is currently composing music for the upcoming television series 'The Royals', by Lionsgate Television. Khosla has previously written original songs and music for 'The Neighbors', while simultaneously working on Goldspot’s last album 'Aerogramme', which released last year. Khosla spoke to’s Aashay Dalvi about the upcoming India tour and working on ‘The Royals’.

How did you get involved with the NH7 Weekender?

We have a strong fan base in India and a dedicated audience and our music resonates in India. Every few years, my manager gets an email from some festival or some club and then we discuss it. We have been really fortunate to have lots of opportunities from India.

Which band members will perform with you at the NH7 Festival?

Performing with me will be Darren Beckett (drummer) who has played with The Killers, and came with us last time. Also Jeremy Kay (bassist) and Jim Henman (guitarist), who has played with Sara Bareilles, will be performing with me. My long-time guitar player Jake Owen unfortunately cannot make it this year because he is touring with another artiste.

Will you be collaborating with any local artistes from India?

I do not know about that, because right now I have just been really busy working on the music for the show. Suggestions are welcome, but at this point, I honestly do not know.

How did Goldspot become a solo project?

Goldspot has always just been me. People have this misconception that Golspot is a band, and that is actually a good thing. I have always wanted people to think that Goldspot is band, when in fact it is not and so far, I have done that successfully. I have always had a specific vision for Goldspot. And it has always been my voice, not just vocally but also through the message I am trying to send across. Other artistes have come and gone, but Goldspot has always just been me.

Is Goldspot working on anything right now?

Goldspot is my pet project for many years now. I write, compose and produce the records with Jeff Peters, but the band is ever changing. I have different musicians that play with me on different albums and others who come and perform live with me from time to time. Only a few tracks are collaborations. As Goldspot, I have not been working on anything. Right now, my sole focus and energy is devoted to scoring for the television show. I will be working on the music even when I am in India. Once I have finished with this project, then I will have time to focus on the next Goldspot album.

Will your new album also be released under Sony Music?

It is too early to tell. I do not know what will happen two or three years from now. We have a great relationship with Sony, and they have been very supportive towards us. Hopefully, if the next album is a fit for Sony, they will put it up.

How did you get to compose for Lionsgate Television’s new series ‘The Royals’?

I think it is a combination of some good fortune and some luck along with building a reputation in the music industry. In my opinion, TV and film is becoming a great medium for musicians like me to showcase their talent as a music composer. I had previously composed for another TV series called ‘The Neighbors’, however the show was not renewed for a third season. At that point, Lionsgate Entertainment was searching for a composer for this drama. So, along with my manager and some Goldspot fans in the industry, I managed to get this opportunity as the show’s music director. And right now, I am working on the score for ‘The Royals.’

Will ‘The Royals’ also feature some Goldspot material?

I do not know. That decision is up to the producer. If they feel that it is needed, then we will be more than happy to provide them with Goldspot material. It is definitely an option, but it also depends during which scene they want to play a Goldspot song.

Do you have a message to your listeners in India?

I am eternally grateful to you and your passion towards our music. Whenever I come to India, I remember the music of Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi and how they performed in front of thousands and that gives me confidence. Thank you so much for having us here.