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Features |  18 Jul 2015 17:29 |  By RnMTeam

Indian RJs offer RJing lessons that top their list

Has the RJing bug bitten you? If yes, then this is a must read for you.

In an effort to make Radio Jockeying an easier task for freshers in this field, has got some of the best RJs in the country to give you a few lessons on being a rocking RJ. If you are ready to learn from the best, read on...

RJ Naved:

- Be yourself. Do not try faking it as it lasts only for a week or two. If you want to last for almost a decade like me, you have got to be original.

- Talk less, talk sensible.

- Always know that your listener is smarter than you.  He (the listener) has been following radio much longer than you have been a Radio Jockey so, do not underestimate him.

- Radio is all about the tongue hence you must try RJing in the language you are most comfortable in.

- Connect with them on the ground level as that is what clicks.

RJ Meenakshi:

- Just be yourself. Many RJs have this fascination for putting on different avatars, but your listener does not want to hear a super natural guy or an alien. He just wants to listen to someone like him. So keep it simple.

- Be yourself, but while doing so, also experiment with your content. You have to create images in your listeners’ minds through your words. You cannot do that till you really innovate, experiment and entertain.

- Most importantly, you must know your music well. There are a lot of RJs who find it hard to connect between the music and their words. So, if you know your music well you will be able to connect better.

- One has to be spontaneous. A lot of things can come up last minute hence; one must be ready for change.

- Research your music, content and the city. 

RJ Sid:

- Be passionate about music.

- Have good knowledge of your city/town. Remember that FM works in 100 km radius, hence local knowledge is necessary.

- Also be aware of the worldly happenings.

- Love interacting with new people.

- Be fluent with the regional language. 

RJ Praveen:

- Be yourself.

- Seize opportunity, e.g., it was raining heavily in Kolkata yesterday which lead to water logging at various places. We knew it was an opportunity; hence, we called up a few Tollywood producers and actors asking where they would like to shoot the sequel of Titanic.

- Brush up on your knowledge. For if you are unaware of things happening around you and in the world, you might end up making a fool of yourself.

- No matter what happens in your personal life you have to be at your best when on-air. Your producer should never ask for a best promo link. If he does, you have not done a good job. I remember my nephew had passed away a few years ago and I received a call five minutes before my show about the same. I still entertained my listeners.

- Keep it simple at the beginning. Do not experiment until you settle in, for time will help you learn.

RJ Simran:

- Please do not be confident. The concept of being confident all the time is just not right, as it blocks you from learning new things. To be a good RJ, one has to constantly keep learning.

- Stop thinking about the quality of your voice as it hardly matters. What matters is the sensibility that you put in your conversations.

- Do not ignore current affairs just because you are no more in the race to be an IPS officer. It gives you an insight into what is happening around you. So, please do read papers.

- Throw away words like inhibitions and embarrassment from your dictionary as it will help you speak your mind.

- Try and bring a bit of Mother Teresa in you. Why am I saying so? Because she was full of compassion, and compassion creates emotional connect. 

- Do let us know if these lessons help you in the comment section below.