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Features |  08 Mar 2016 20:18 |  By RnMTeam

Women's Day Special: Are female RJs better than male RJs?

MUMBAI: The Indian private FM radio sector is a young one, but has surprisingly spawned a multitude of women radio jockeys. In some stations, the women in the profession far outnumber the men! Is it the gift of the gab that puts them in a position of advantage in a profession that requires them to chat incessantly? Is it the dedication that gets them an edge? We spoke to a cross section of industry professionals to find out what makes female RJs tick. And the crucial, prickly question – are they better than their male counterparts?

Anurradha Prasad

I think we should not categorize men and women in different zones. A profession is a profession. Nevertheless, I must say, women’s are better narrators. Our female RJs have made their mark in the radio industry and hence making our radio industry a ‘Robust Industry’.

Ravi Iyer

There are definitely more women flowering in Radio Industry and several are choosing their career in the same path other than males. We can't say who is better; men or women, as there were certain morning shows led by male RJs which are now overpowered by females. Thankfully, our radio industry did not face such an inequality based on gender. Both have led RJing to a different level.

RJ Krupa

Of course, women are better RJs. They are versatile and can tackle every field from comedy to RJing.  In addition, female voices are attractive enough to soothe anybody. Therefore, when a woman talks people tend to listen more. 

RJ Simran

200%. I completely agree with the statement that women are better as RJs. One of the reasons of me saying this is that, if you use an iPhone, there is an inbuilt app, ‘Siri’. This app has taken the world by storm. The voice behind is of a woman. Not only this application but also all the computerized voices are of women.  This is because women have a warmer tone than men do and people believe what they say without a second thought. It happens exactly in the case of our radio industry.

RJ Praveen

Yeah. Ask me any given day and I will say a yes. They are clearly the better ones if we talk about our radio industry. We can see the live examples of Malishka and Neelam. They both are doing fantastic jobs.  Starting from the day until the end, people love listening to women on the radio than any male RJ. Ladies, they have this huge fan following and striking voice. This is an additional reason for them being better than men in terms of RJing.

RJ Anirudh

There is no comparison between both the genders. Still, I would like to say women have this natural inclination to communicate. They are generally better communicators. Even on our shows we see, people are more comfortable sharing their personal problems with the female RJs. Maybe because, women’s are better as listeners, they are honest and emotional at the same time. They are more open about their feelings. Culturally speaking, we are not taught to open up easily and are more rigid to circumstances. The extra advantage of females being emotional and sensitive pleases the audience and makes them a better RJ.

RJ Sidhu

Certainly, they are far better. Though everyone has, their own style of RJing but the females creates a charm on the listeners. They have a different mindset and approach towards life.  While the male RJs are one directional, practical towards life, the female RJs are emotional as well as practical.