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MUMBAI: Fans of Indian classical music can rejoice as the country’s first 24- hour Indian Classical music channel will come on-air in June. ‘InSync’- the channel launched by Perfect Octave will be available  free-to-air on HD (High Definition) via DTH (direct-to-home) platform. The distribution will be carried out by Cira Media.

The channel will initially be available across the country’s top four metros- Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

The programming will include devotional music, retro film songs based on ragas, fusion music, reality talent hunt shows and live performances.

Speaking with Radioandmusic.com InSync founder Ratish Tagde said, “We are focusing primarily on two target audience. Firstly, the classical music purists who know the artists and the ragas. The second target group is the youth who will be entertained with infotainment content like campus talk shows, classical music and performances, reality shows and talent hunt. The channel will also incorporate Western Classical music, classical dances like Bharatnatyam and other genres of ‘pure’ music.”

Perfect Octave expects to get up to 10 million subscribers from the four metros before considering any expansion initiatives. The channel’s revenue stream will be reinforced by advertisements, mainly- high-end brands- that are keen to associate themselves with refined and ‘exclusive’ genre of music.

According to Perfect Octave research a large proportion of music lovers listen to Bollywood music, the second being Ghazal and Indi-Pop ranked as a third preferred choice. However, Ghazal is ranked first among the entire music genre, followed by Indian Classical & Bollywood music, showing audience preference towards these genres. The study also revealed that approximately 51 percent Indians listen to music on a dedicated music channel and around 67 percent have welcomed the idea of a launch of a classical-based music channel.

Iconic personalities from the genres of music such as noted SantoorplayerPanditShivkumar Sharma, versatile Vocalist Shankar Mahadevan, noted flute maestro Pt. HariprasadChaurasia, vocalist Ustad Rashid Khan, young Sitar player Niladri Kumar, Tabla wizard Pt. Vijay Ghate, Pt RajanSajan Mishra have come together to form an advisory committee which will steer the channel’s content.

At hand is 150 hours of HD video footage on Indian classical music- many rare- owned by Perfect Octave, worth Rs 52 crores. For the more contemporary content, the company will present on-location and studio based anchored programmes with telecasts of live concerts. The company is also proposing to enter into a Joint Venture (JV)

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