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News |  14 Jun 2014 14:57 |  By RnMTeam

Demonic Resurrection's Demon King to bring a treat to all 'DR' fans

Album: The Demon King

Label: Candlelight Records

Band: Demonic Resurrection

Demonic Resurrection's (DR) new album 'Demon King' is all set to release on 13 July. The album comprises ten tracks including an epilogue called 'The End Paradox'.

'Demon King' is a story that is told via the tracks, each one being a separate chapter in the album. Sahil 'Demonstealer' Makhija has done an amazing job with the growls as well as the clean vocals.

As he had mentioned earlier, the new album is different from the band's previous ones and has a lot to offer to all kinds of metalheads, from smooth and softer tracks like 'Facing the Faceless' to extremely aggressive tracks like 'Death, Desolation and Despair'.

The theme of this album seems to be on the same lines as the 'Darkness' trilogy although it is a new and different story. This time they are more cohesive and flow like the chapters in a novel this time. The story is about the resurrection of the Demon King who has awakened on the Earth for the destruction of humankind, the apocalypse. It sounds like the 'Book of Revelation' in harsher words; it also has clear references from the holy book like "Oh lord above, Deliver us all from evil". In addition, it has also been inspired by Hindu mythology, in one line that says, "Sleeping demons (Kumbhakaran from Ramayan) awaken softly".

Recorded in the year 2013, Daniel Rego is the guitarist credited for the tracks although Nishith Hegde (the guitar prodigy) will be performing them live. With melodic tunes, outstanding drums and bass and brilliant guitar solos, Rego, Mephisto (keyboard) Ashwin Shriyan (bass guitar) and 'Viru' Kaith (drummer) should all be lauded for their exceptional performance in the album.

For all the 'DR' fans that have been waiting patiently for 'Demon King', the album will be released on the 13 July in the country, 14 July in Europe and 15 July in the USA by Candlelight Records and distributed in India by Universal Music. The band goes on tour later this month in the UK and Germany.