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News |  13 Jun 2014 18:55 |  By RnMTeam

Kavita Paudwal plans a comeback

After more than eight years in the US, Kavita Paudwal is back in India for good. She recently released a new single and will eventually release an album.

In the past, Paudwal has worked with AR.Rahman for the film ‘Sapnay’ and has given vocals for many Bhajans.

Through her single ‘Dil Ki Baatein’, she wants to explore other genres that she is more comfortable with but at the same time is different from what she does. The video of the track has received over one lakh views in just few days.

Kavita Paudwal in a conversation with’s Jescilia Karayamparambil talks about her India plans and how she wants to break the stereotype attached to her name and attempt genres that are contemporary in nature.

Tell me more about the single ‘Dil Ki Baatein’

It is a soft rock song which I have attempted after a long break. Basically, it is about my journey over the last couple of years; it is about the people I meet and loved. Currently, it has a video and in next few days there will be another single that will be released. I spent a couple of years in the US as a student. I carried a lot with me when I came back. Although, I am my mother’s daughter and do lot of spiritual music, rock music has always been very close to my heart. I realised that if I plan a comeback to the contemporary scene, I have to do such work (like her recent single). I did a lot of film music and now I thought it is time to do songs that I enjoy the most. ‘Dil Ki Baatein is a soft song but has this contemporary feel to it. The music is given by ‘Priyesh Vakil’. He works very closely with the film circle and he suggested this genre will go well with my voice and personality.

The song has a lot of soul searching and I wanted it to reflect in the way the song is shot. The lyrics of the song required indoor shoot hence the dark look.

What about your upcoming track?

The second single will also have a music video where teenagers will be seen conveying their love on SMS/text/social sites. The upcoming single is collaboration with Bollywood singer Javed Ali. His voice is apt for a Sufi song, and it was nice to have him on board. My plan is to release singles before formally launching it as an album. The name of the album will also be ‘Dil Ki Baatein’, but we have not decided on when to launch the album.

Are you in talks with any label company for the album?

It is too early to tell because there are enough of audiences on social media, listening to music without any biases. So I realised that is the place I want to be rather than talking to a company. The label company will give me television and hoarding space. Before that I want to connect with audiences, and later we will think about signing a deal with any label company. If the views match, then the deal will be signed with a company.

I want to connect with the audiences on a one- on-one basis before tying up with any label company. The connect with audience should go well which a very important element for an artiste. As of now my main agenda is to connect with fans around the world. This is a good time and space to release it.

What are your mother’s expectations for you?

My brother Aditya and I are both are well versed on the music side of things. My brother, who is working with Ranjit Barot, holds a strong liking to the contemporary scene. My mother ruled the music industry as a singer and she did that with her style and even today people like her. She enjoys listening to our work and advices us on things that went wrong.

Being in a space that is more comfortable, is the advice she gives us. Both our foundations are strong as we are trained in classical music. I recently went and did a month and half long Jazz vocal course at the New York Jazz Academy. All this helps and influences me to give my work a contemporary feel.

The work my mother did during her time was contemporary for her. Even as I venture into contemporary music we do not give away our musical roots- it is not something that is not going to go but stay all throughout our lives. Without letting go of that we are trying to get into the current scheme of things. Right now, it is the best time to be in the musical field as today music lovers are open to all kinds of music.

What are the different genres you would like to experiment with?

We will also do a little bit of Bhangra down the line as I have my Punjabi friend and we have danced and attended a lot of Punjabi weddings. During the wedding stint, I realised that be it Punjabi or Non-Punjabi, everyone shakes their leg and enjoy Bhangra music. I am fortunate to have travelled all around the country and I love local flavours of music. I want to get lot of those flavours back through my music and Chhattisgarhi music is something that I would like to try.

Do you plan to have EDM or trance music in your single?

I listen to more of Jazz and R&B and that is something I enjoy and that would be my preference. There is a lot of EDM music happening around and as soon I find my space in trance music or dance music, I will do something there. Till then, I would not like to experiment with it.