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News |  08 May 2014 19:42 |  By RnMTeam

Hawaa Hawaai

Label: Zee Music Company

Music: Hitesh Sonik

Singers: Hitesh Sonik, Swaroop Khan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Hitesh Sonik, Javed Ali, Amole Gupte

Lyrics: Amole Gupte

Rating: 3/5

Hawa Hawaai is the original motion picture soundtrack of a film that is in the series of films that is meant to self-motivate and self-inspire. The music is not fresh but definitely has the formula of making one feel like he must get up and go do whatever he was set out to do. One still has to see what the film has to offer but musically the five songs of the film seem to be in the same mind frame as 'Chak De' or even 'ABCD'. The songs having been composed by the director of the film, Amole Gupte, promises to have his sense of passion and spirit as displayed in the script of 'Taare Zameen Par' or 'Stanley Ka Dabba'.

Hawa Hawaai - The song is sung by Hitesh Sonik and Swaroop Khan and has very motivational lyrics. The melody is simple and catchy. The song has a strong acoustic feel with guitars strumming through it. In most songs that tend to have a much synthesized sound, the title track of this film has a very live feel. You cannot help but think of Sukhwinder Singh when you hear the voices in this song which actually helps the song if you are Sukhiji's fan.

Ghoom Gayi - Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, the song sounds very similar to 'Jiya Re' from 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' in terms of the rhythm and tempo. The song has the typical Sunidhi style of power house singing and is possibly the only song of the film's soundtrack that helps in creating some momentum and spark. The lyrics talk about having life in the palm of your hands to turn things around. Sunidhi has showcased her vocal range in this song and her distinctive voice that makes her such a versatile singer.

Sapno Ko Ginte Ginte - Sung by Hitesh Sonik, the song's hero is the beautiful guitar strumming in the arrangement and the soft melody. The song begins with a flute intro and gradually picks up momentum, through the guitar strum followed by a haunting whistling tune. Here is a short and sweet song that is not just motivational but can also double up as a lullaby because of the soothing vocals. Hitesh is not a proficient singer like his better half, Sunidhi, but he definitely has done justice to the song and makes it hummable. It's one of those songs that will grow on you with more and more listens. Personally I love songs that have minor notes in them because that brings out the melancholic mood. The song has a predictable progression which actually makes it relatable and makes you feel like you composed it yourself as you start humming along.

Sar Utha Ke - Javed Ali has a tendency to sound the same in all the songs he sings, which can be a plus point because that is what made some of the biggest International Artists like Phil Collins, Sting and Bryan Adams become what they are. As a song, 'Sar Utha Ke' has lyrics that sound more like a motivational speech; talking about glory and self confidence. The biggest plus point of the song is that it is short and sweet, and hence does not sound like a sermon. His ability to make high notes sound easy to sing is what makes him an exceptional singer.

Choolhe Ke Angaarey - The best time that a non-singer can sing a song is when he has composed it. However, when you hear this song, without watching the film, it feels like a song that is being sung by a non-singer, making it natural and relatable. After all, not everyone is a singer, but we do have something to say, and what better way to do it than through music and melody. Having said that, Amole Gupte does sound appealing and manages to deliver his message. The song has minimalistic instrumentation and allows Gupte's voice and lyrics to be the main focus. While it could be intentional, it is apt. The song speaks about the analogy, "No Pain No Gain”. It gives the listener the realisation that everything you gain in life needs to be earned through hardships, but that is when it is worthwhile and that is the way of life.