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News |  12 Dec 2013 10:53 |  By RnMTeam

9XOÆs Love Is Love, a response to SC Verdict

MUMBAI: Law makers are facing the music after the Supreme Court of India announced on 10 December to uphold Section 377. Outraged people, who are now taking to social networks in hordes to voice their disappointment, can only be pacified by repealing the law. In response to the verdict, India’s freshest international music channel- 9XO will launch ‘Love Is Love’, a 2 day music programme that will feature some of the world’s most successful artistes, regardless of having come out in the open about their sexual orientation.

The channel will be playing songs featuring popular gay musicians like Elton John, Ricky Martin, George Michael, Queen, David Bowie, Adam Lambert and more. The channel promises back to back music by gay artistes on 12 and 13 December, followed by re-runs for a few more days.

Channel Head, 9XO at 9X media, Luke Kenny explained the concept behind Love is Love. “There are a lot of international music artistes of the LGBT community and they have been accepted by music lovers across the globe, regardless of their own preferences, because of the sheer force of their creativity. These artistes have made what they have made of their lives through their talent. These are people who stand for many things, influencers, youth leaders in various ways and inspirations. By programming those very artistes, we are musically showing support to the LGBT community, as well as a message to the general public out there and also a bit to the rule makers. Music has no boundaries, neither does love. There is no law on earth that can force an individual or a human being to be a certain way.” He further added, “It is so silly to even think of them as a demographic. We don’t think of heterosexuals as a demographic.”

The channel plans to interact with their audiences using #LoveIsLove via its Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread awareness and information among the youth, so as to help them be more responsible and respectful of all people.

Luke Kenny’s opinion on this action was, “We are living in the 21st century. For the Supreme Court to uphold and reinstate something that was written in 19th century India is ludicrous and very sad. A draconian law like this should not even be part of law books today. The people have not been given a chance to be a part of this verdict, and that is unfair.”

Speaking about how he felt about the verdict, Kenny said, “It is a travesty on human rights and freedom of a human being to choose their partner preference and whom he/she may like. I don’t think any law has the right to dictate that, or even deem it unacceptable by the legal system. I think we can, by peaceful means, strive to overturn the verdict and even strike this article from the legal code. I think we should push for a complete removal of the section from the legal system. The verdict has brought out a lot of emotions; shock, hilarity (oral sex being illegal?) and disappointment.”