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Entertainment  |  26 Jan 2022

Gigi, Zayn 'getting along fine' for sake of daughter post-split

MUMBAI: Supermodel Gigi Hadid and former One Direction star Zayn Malik are reportedly "getting along just fine" as they're trying to work things ou

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Entertainment  |  17 Apr 2017

Zayn Malik's mother receives social media backlash

MUMBAI: Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik's mother Trisha Malik got embroiled in a social media spat after liking negative comments abou

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Entertainment  |  13 Apr 2017

Zayn Malik's next shot in his own mansion

MUMBAI: Singer Zayn Malik's upcoming single ‘Still Got Time’ was shot in his 4 million pounds mansion in London.

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Entertainment  |  12 Apr 2017

One Direction star Harry Styles heads for top to dethrone Ed Sheeran

MUMBAI: Harry Styles is soaring up the pop charts and may even end Ed Sheeran’s dominance at No. 1.

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Entertainment  |  28 Mar 2017

Zayn Malik worried about Styles' solo album

MUMBAI: Singer Zayn Malik is worried that his former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles could "overshadow" him in the future with his de

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Entertainment  |  27 Mar 2017

Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik planning collaboration

MUMBAI: Singers Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik are reportedly planning to collaborate for a new single.

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Entertainment  |  24 Mar 2017

Zayn Malik hid in sheets to escape fans

MUMBAI: Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik reportedly hid among dirty bedsheets to escape his fans outside a hotel here.

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Entertainment  |  20 Mar 2017

No problems with anxiety now: Zayn Malik

MUMBAI: Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik says he no longer has anxiety issues, something that he mainly dealt with when he was part of the bo

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Entertainment  |  16 Mar 2017

Malik wants Hadid to be with him during loneliness

MUMBAI: Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik says his girlfriend and model Gigi Hadid is the only one he would love to have by his side when he i

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Entertainment  |  06 Mar 2017

Gigi, Zayn's love 'can't get any stronger'

MUMBAI: Supermodel Gigi Hadid and singer Zayn Malik's love for each other can't get any stronger, says a source.

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Entertainment  |  08 Feb 2017

To be racist goes against my existence: Zayn

MUMBAI: Singer Zayn Malik, whose father is British-Pakistani, has defended girlfriend Gigi Hadid after she was accused of racism for a controversia

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