Entertainment  |  16 Mar 2023

Seeking empathy and self acceptance Zachary Ray’s new released album “Unafraid” pirouettes through pop power ballads

MUMBAI: Zachary Ray’s new released album “Unafraid” reckoned sincerely songs that touch on subjects of mental health, finding confidence in who yo

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Entertainment  |  04 Feb 2023

Immerse yourself in Zachary Ray's emotional masterpiece: 'Vicious Cycle'

MUMBAI: With reflective, relatable lyrics and beautifully sinuous melodies, Zachary Ray, Boston and  Mumbai based artist  is back with another cat

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Entertainment  |  22 Nov 2022

Warm your soul with Zachary Ray’s new release: Cloud 9

Hailing from Mumbai with soulful melodies and impactful lyrics, Zachary Ray is back with a new release, ‘Cloud 9’.

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Entertainment  |  15 Sep 2022

Dive into Zachary Ray’s Dreamy New Single: 'Danger'

MUMBAI: With reverberating vocals to communicate a message full of soul, singer-songwriter Zachary Ray has released his most recent single, ‘Dange

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