Entertainment  |  22 Jun 2022

Will Taylor Swift be one of the exciting cameos in Thor: Love and Thunder?

MUMBAI: A Marvel film is incomplete without a cameo; whether it’s in the post credit scenes or bang in the middle of the movie, a great cameo is a

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Entertainment  |  29 Oct 2014

Taylor Swift releases latest Album '1989', hitting #1 on iTunes India the same day

MUMBAI: Taylor Swift who over the course of the last few years has taken the music world by storm just released her latest album 1989, owing to he

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Entertainment  |  28 Oct 2014

Taylor Swift warns friends against hackers

MUMBAI: Singer Taylor Swift is urging her friends to tighten up their online security to keep the hackers away.

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Entertainment  |  14 Oct 2014

Ed Sheeran wants to take a break

MUMBAI: British singer Ed Sheeran is planning to take a long break from music at the end of his next tour.

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Entertainment  |  01 Sep 2014

Taylor Swift to advise seventh season of 'The Voice' contestants

MUMBAI: At 24 years old, Taylor Swift sure has a long way to go as a musician.

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Entertainment  |  27 May 2014

Taylor Swift cancels sold-out Bangkok concert

MUMBAI: Country pop singer Taylor Swift has called off her upcoming concert in Thailand because of the ongoing political situation.

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Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake
Entertainment  |  25 Nov 2013

Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake win top honours at the AMAs

MUMBAI: The American Music Awards churned out a number of winners in several catagories.

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Entertainment  |  14 Oct 2013

Taylor Swift donates $4 Million for Education Centre in Nashville

MUMBAI: She moved to Nashville, Tennessee, at the age of 14, to pursue her music career. Her attachment to the place is for good reason too.

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Entertainment  |  20 Nov 2010

Taylor Swift - Must be a Sagittarius thing

One from the heart. From Taylor Swift. The biggest music superstar since… all of them. At least in the last ten years, and definitely in terms of...

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