Entertainment  |  24 Jun 2022

Bollywood Singer Lakhwinder Wadali's sufi love song Benaqab proves scars are beautiful

MUMBAI: Taking the legacy of the renowned Wadali Brothers, Bollywood singer Lakhwinder Wadali is all set to treat his audience with a heart-melting

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Entertainment  |  19 Aug 2015

æI did æAfghan JalebiÆ only because it did not objectify women:Æ Asrar

MUMBAI: The track ‘Afghan Jalebi’ from the film ‘Phantom’ has been gaining a lot of traction.

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Entertainment  |  07 Aug 2015

Sufi singer Sonam Kalra and Kathak dancer Rachna Yadav entertain Tihar prisoners

MUMBAI: Sufi singer Sonam Kalra and Kathak dancer Rachna Yadav regaled prisoners at the Tihar Jail in an endeavour promoted by Legends of India and

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Entertainment  |  04 Jul 2015

Shahid Mallya feels emoting the right feelings is very important

MUMBAI: 'Iski Uski' singer Shahid Mallya recently sung two tracks- ‘Sahebaan’ and ‘Guddu Rangeela- Remix’ for the recently released Bollywood film

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Entertainment  |  29 Jun 2015

The Wadali Brothers bring in the monsoons with Sufi music magic at Mirchi Live

MUMBAI: On 27th June, the Wadali Brothers delivered one of their most mesmerizing performances at the Mirchi Live Concert.

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Entertainment  |  27 Apr 2015

Music contest winner hopes to launch own label someday

MUMBAI: Backed by business administration skills, 25-year-old Anurag Mishra, who won the Royal Stag Make it Large contest, Indore edition, hopes t

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Biz  |  16 Apr 2015

HR Musik Limited to go international with Himesh Reshammiya's upcoming project

MUMBAI: Actor, singer, composer- Himesh Reshammiya's HR Musik Limited, which started off as a music and audio production company, has ventured int

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Entertainment  |  02 Dec 2014

Lalitya Munshaw: I love Sufi as it soothes you from within

MUMBAI: Renowned singer and artiste, Lalitya Munshaw recently launched her 25th album ‘Rab Piya’ which was unveiled by Raveena Tandon.

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Entertainment  |  30 Oct 2014

Mirchi Live's concert with Rekha Bhardwaj is set to celebrate folk, Sufi and Bollywood!

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi is proud to produce yet another stellar live performance for music lovers on 31 October with Rekha Bhardwaj at Mirchi Live in

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Photos  |  12 Feb 2013

International Sufi festival

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