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Entertainment  |  22 Oct 2021

Adele's 'Easy On Me' is most-added song in US radio history

MUMBAI: English singer-songwriter Adele's 'Easy On Me' has already been recognised for setting first-day records for Spotify streams

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Entertainment  |  08 Feb 2021

The Aces reveal bonus tracks from 'Under My Influence'

MUMBAI: After months of anticipation from die-hard fans, The Aces have released a collection of B-Side tracks off their acclaimed sophomore album,

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Entertainment  |  28 Jan 2021

Cult rapper-producer MC Stan’s debut album Tadipaar crosses 5 million streams on Spotify

MUMBAI: Rapper and producer MC STAN’s self-released debut album, Tadipaar has accumulated more than 5.5 million streams on Spotify, cementing his

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Entertainment  |  27 Jan 2021

Meron T and Sey G Return With R&B-Tinged 'Dailyy/ Crazy out of Love'

MUMBAI: Love and heartbreak, it's a moment in time many of us can relate to.

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Entertainment  |  19 Jan 2021

'The Spotify Play' review: Better Than Piracy

MUMBAI: Neil Young, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham owe Daniel Ek an enormous debt of gratitude right about now.

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Entertainment  |  07 Jan 2021

Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha surpass one billion streams on Spotify with 'In The Name of Love'

MUMBAI: As of today, both Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha can officially call themselves part of Spotify's one Billion streams club, as their song ‘In

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Biz  |  01 Jan 2021

List of Music apps that entertained us in 2020

MUMBAI: It’s been a hell of a year and not in a good way.

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Entertainment  |  30 Dec 2020

'Year on TikTok' feature lets you look back on 2020 most-played tracks and favorited content

MUMBAI: As 2020 winds down, apps like Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal and Spotify Wrapped have let users look back on how they spent the year.

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Entertainment  |  30 Dec 2020

Apple Music Wrapped recaps your 2020 highlight from Apple Music or your iPhone's library

MUMBAI: At the end of every year, Spotify analyzes your listening habits for the last 12 months and creates a colorful graphic showcasing your fav

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Entertainment  |  26 Dec 2020

Mariah Carey breaks Spotify record with Christmas '94 Xmas Classic

MUMBAI: Mariah Carey's got the world celebrating Christmas like it's 1994 ...

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Entertainment  |  24 Dec 2020

Users feel attacked by AI 'what you listen to' on Spotify

MUMBAI: Most people think they have the greatest taste in music, but a new bot from the Pudding is here to prove that no one's perfect when it come

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