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Biz  |  18 Jan 2010

India's digital music demand set to grow

MUMBAI: With physical CD sales under continuing assault, digital music distribution is bringing in a major transformation in the Indian music...

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Biz  |  04 Sep 2009

Music goes the nano way

Indian labels are just beginning to experiment with USB flash drives as an innovative way of selling music...

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Biz  |  31 Oct 2008

Sudhanshu Sarronwala- "It's mobile, expressive and has a long tail...."

One can perhaps argue successfully that communications, photography and music are the most digitized industries in the world. Just think of email,...

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Biz  |  03 Dec 2007

Soundbuzz GM India operations Mandar Thakur - The mechanisms for discovery of different kinds of music in India are amazing

Soundbuzz continues to be the country's only player straddling both the mobile and internet mediums, and general manager India operations, Mandar...

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Biz  |  31 May 2007

Mobile Music Industry - Way to go !

Mobile music has emerged as the most prominent segment in the digital music industry and is a major money making business. Today, the definite...

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