Biz  |  16 Sep 2019

Big FM RJs go beyond radio with 'Big Influencer Specials' launch for creative brand integrations

MUMBAI: BIG FM has announced the launch of its ‘BIG Influencer Specials’.

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Biz  |  13 Feb 2019

World Radio Day Special: RJ's on what needs to be changed in the Indian Radio Industry

MUMBAI: Times are changing, each day new technology is erupting, amidst huge vast changes which we see in our day-to-day life there is still one m

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Biz  |  03 Nov 2016

Radio City Lucknow's 'Zalim Rapariya' gets a new tune

MUMBAI: Early this year Radio City Lucknow's early morning show ‘Morning Masala’ introduced a new musical segment 'Zalim Rapariya' -- a segment cov

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Biz  |  19 Jul 2016

Radio City introduces rap segment in 'Morning Masala by RJ Shiv'

MUMBAI: Radio City (Lucknow) has introduced rap segment known as 'Zaalim Rapariya' in RJ Shiv's morning show 'Morning Masala

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Biz  |  17 May 2016

Radio City and Radio Mantra leads the tally for Awards Season 2016

MUMBAI: Radio City, the country’s leading radio network has successfully added several feathers to its cap at the recently held prestigious award s

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Entertainment  |  02 Nov 2015

Radio City Lucknow gets RJ Shiv to host 'Chai Pe Charcha'

MUMBAI: If you happen to be in Lucknow and you come across people discussing the various issues of the city over tea and snacks, do not be surprise

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