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Entertainment  |  10 Apr 2020

Celine Dion tweaks 'My heart will go on' for COVID-19 days

MUMBAI: Singer Celine Dion revisited her iconic song "My heart will go on", and tweaked it to encourage people to practice social distancing amid

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Entertainment  |  25 Nov 2019

Celine Dion reveals her husband's dying wish

MUMBAI: Singer Celine Dion's husband Rene Angelil's dying wish was to watch her perform live.

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Entertainment  |  18 Nov 2019

How Celine Dion found courage to return to music after tragedies

MUMBAI: Singer Celine Dion has opened up on how she gathered the courage to come back to music after experiencing tragedies in her life.

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Entertainment  |  30 Jan 2019

Celine Dion remembers her late husband

MUMBAI: Singer Celine Dion says her late husband Rene Angelil is always beside her.

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Entertainment  |  25 Feb 2017

Celine Dion can't do window shopping

MUMBAI: Singer Celine Dion finds it hard to go window shopping.

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Entertainment  |  23 Feb 2017

Celine Dion feels stronger since husband's death

MUMBAI: Singer Celine Dion feels stronger since the death of her husband Rene Angelil.

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Entertainment  |  09 Dec 2016

CÚline prepares for first Christmas sans husband

MUMBAI: Singer Céline Dion is preparing for her first Christmas without her husband René Angélil, who died earlier this year.

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Entertainment  |  21 Jan 2016

Celine Dion to return to stage post husband's death

MUMBAI: Singer Celine Dion is returning to the stage next month after her husband René Angélil and brother Daniel’s demise earlier this month.

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Entertainment  |  15 Jan 2016

Celine Dion's husband dead at 73

MUMBAI: Singer Celine Dion’s husband and former manager Rene Angelil is dead. He was 73.

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Entertainment  |  05 Aug 2015

Celine Dion's 'spirituality' helped her be strong for husband

MUMBAI: Singer Celine Dion says her "spirituality" has helped her support her spouse Rene Angelil through his battle with throat cancer.

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