Entertainment  |  03 Nov 2022

"Hasot Liye was born the day it was written", says Jamtara Music Composer Sidhant Mathur

MUMBAI: Sidhant Mathur who has composed music and background score for both the seasons of Jamtara - Sabka Number Aayega spoke about 'Hasot Liye' w

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Entertainment  |  23 Feb 2017

Bengaluru-based Parvaaz collaborates with upcoming film 'Vodka Diaries'

MUMBAI: Several music critics have declared Bengaluru-based band Parvaaz as the most talented band to emerge ever for a long time.

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Entertainment  |  30 Aug 2016

Song, dance sequences are filthy in Bollywood, says Victor Banerjee

MUMBAI: Veteran actor Victor Banerjee, who is known for his roles in films like ‘A Passage to India’, ‘Kalyug’, ‘Joggers' Park’ and ‘My Brothe

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