Entertainment  |  30 Jan 2021

Raghu Dixit, Pro Bros release new single 'Sajanaa'

MUMBAI: Singer Raghu Dixit and Pro Bros have come together for a new track Sajanaa, a blend of indie, pop and electronic music.

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Biz  |  22 Jun 2016

Sennheiser's top 50 battle of bands is back

MUMBAI: 70-year old German audio brand Sennheiser has announced the second edition of Sennheiser Top 50 - a battle of Indian bands from whom the to

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Entertainment  |  20 Jun 2016

Raghu Dixit and Ricky Kej to host shows at Indigo

MUMBAI: Music speaks what cannot be expressed and soothes the mind and soul.

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Entertainment  |  05 May 2016

Sonu Nigam sings for Kannada movie 'Fly'; composed by Raghu Dixit

MUMBAI: How often does an artiste get associated with the word 'versatile', despite falling short of its usual requirements?

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Entertainment  |  30 Apr 2016

Listeners' bias towards a particular genre is a cause for concern: Groove Yatra vocalist Banjo

MUMBAI: Passionate but not trite, interesting but not reactionary, exciting and endlessly listen-worthy, this is what Banjo - the lead vocalist of

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Entertainment  |  14 Apr 2016

Vasu Dixit: The man who burst my bubble - twice

MUMBAI: Not more than five years ago, The Black Eyed Peas was blasting on my stereo and for a brief moment, I enjoyed the recognition of 'that-coo

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Entertainment  |  26 Feb 2016

Raghu Dixit: The man who defies definition

MUMBAI: A quick scan through Raghu Dixit's social media accounts provides concrete proof of the songwriter's demand for live performances

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Entertainment  |  20 Jan 2016

Suraj Mani & TTTrippers to re-frame their journey with the first gig in the north

MUMBAI: It would be ignorant and unfair to treat a Suraj Mani album in a typical manner- few tracks sewn together with a uniform mood wrapped aroun

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Entertainment  |  18 Jan 2016

Most popular fusion bands in India

MUMBAI: India’s rich musical heritage has witnessed a metamorphosis over many generations.

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Biz  |  09 Jan 2016

'Totem Pole' the first ever music fest for teens

MUMBAI: High Street Phoenix, one of Mumbai’s favourite destination centers, is gearing up to host Totem Pole, a music festival aimed primarily at t

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Entertainment  |  07 Dec 2015

Day 2 & Day 3: Mark Ronson and AR Rahman ruled NH7

MUMBAI: While the biggest opening day for Bacardi NH7 Weekender ended with a promise and expectation, the weekend acts made the most of the ‘Weeken

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