Biz  |  06 Aug 2020

Radio One launches new show "Night Shift"

MUMBAI: Turn Up The Night With Retro Hits 94.3 Radio One, India’s only International Music Radio network is known for its globally celebrated RJs a

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Biz  |  24 Jun 2015

Radio One's air waves to be taken over by Hrithik Roshan for 'Youth Stars'

MUMBAI: Celebrities have been making their mark on radio for years now.

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Biz  |  18 Jun 2015

Godrej ran seven hours of customised content on four private radio stations

MUMBAI: Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere.

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Biz  |  02 Feb 2015

Radio One to increase ad rates by 20 per cent

MUMBAI: The joint venture between Next Radio Ltd and BBC Worldwide, Radio One has decided to increase advertising rates by 20 per cent.

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Biz  |  02 Dec 2014

The element of surprise

What was really magical about Radio? This is something I want to ask those who have listened to radio on radio sets or transistor radios.

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Biz  |  01 Dec 2014

Big FM shows 'Big Coffee' and 'Suhana Safar' top in Bengaluru and Delhi respectively

MUMBAI:  Big FM is leading with an average share across four cities- Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata, with 16.9, 12.7, 16.8 and 21.4 per cent

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Biz  |  15 Nov 2014

Conversation returning to Radio

One wonders why radio presenters today don't really converse.

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Biz  |  10 Oct 2014

AROI and UNICEF come together to promote routine immunisation

MUMBAI: UNICEF, along with the FM radio industry of India, began their first initiative to build awareness on routine immunisation of children in I

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Biz  |  06 Feb 2013

2012: Crest and trough for FM radio

MUMBAI: With high expectations and wind beneath its wings, 2012 commenced with a ray of hope for the nascent FM radio industry in India. It all...

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Biz  |  29 Jan 2013

Vineet Singh Hukmani: "Radio One is a medium with a well defined message; the others are just reach vehicles"

While most other radio stations were planning strategies to innovate their content and stay ahead in the rat race, Radio One broke all barriers and...

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