Biz  |  06 Aug 2020

Radio One launches new show "Night Shift"

MUMBAI: Turn Up The Night With Retro Hits 94.3 Radio One, India’s only International Music Radio network is known for its globally celebrated RJs a

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Biz  |  21 Nov 2009

Mirchi inches closer to top spot in Bangalore

MUMBAI: While Mirchi continues to rule in three metros, in week 45 the station tried to narrow the margin between itself and Big FM which has been...

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Biz  |  16 Nov 2009

Mirchi regains lead margins in Kolkata, Mumbai

MUMBAI: Fever is maintaining a slow climb in most of the metros, even as Mirchi regained its lead margin in Kolkata and Mumbai in wee 44. The most...

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Biz  |  07 Nov 2009

Mirchi slips, but retains hold in three metros

MUMBAI: The leader continued to hold on to the premier position in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata even though it continued to concede top spot to Big FM...

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Biz  |  31 Oct 2009

Fever inches up in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore

MUMBAI: While the RAM statistics for week 42 did not indicate significant changes in the trend, HT Media's Fever has been registering a slow but...

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Biz  |  23 Oct 2009

Mirchi, Big battle it out in Bangalore, Kolkata

MUMBAI:  It's a neck to neck fight between Radio Mirchi and Big FM in Kolkata and Bangalore. In Bangalore, Big FM kept up its lead in week 41 with a...

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Biz  |  16 Oct 2009

Big FM climbs in Mumbai, positions cemented in other metros

MUMBAI: The RAM data showed minor changes in three metros of Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata in Week 40 but stations shuffled their positions in Mumbai.

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Biz  |  13 Oct 2009

RAM faces brunt of radio broadcasters

MUMBAI: Just as it enters the third year of its existence, the industry supported measurement system for gauging radio listenership - RAM- Radio...

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Biz  |  09 Oct 2009

Mirchi widens lead in Delhi, Big is close second in Kolkata

MUMBAI: While Radio Mirchi retained its lead in three metros, conceding first position to Big FM only in Bangalore, RAM statistics for week 39...

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Biz  |  02 Oct 2009

RAM stats 38 wk: Status quo retained in four metros

MUMBAI: Big FM consolidated its lead in Bangalore as per RAM data for week 38, and the fight for third position heated up in Mumbai, as Big FM and...

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Biz  |  25 Sep 2009

AIR FM stations inch up in Delhi, Mumbai, B'lore

MUMBAI: While Radio Mirchi may continue to hold sway in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata while Big FM strengthens itself in Bangalore, the poor man's radio...

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