Biz  |  26 Dec 2017

Cabinet approves third batch of Phase III FM licensing

MUMBAI: Before the year comes to an end, here is good news for the radio industry.

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Biz  |  25 Oct 2010

LV Krishnan: Radio must get much more local advertising

LV, as LV Krishnan, the CEO of TAM Media Research is fondly known, is one of India's most respected media professionals and an authority on media...

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Biz  |  09 Feb 2010

Radio Mango GM Amit Mathew - Kerala has always had a very strong radio presence

The 35 year old Amit Mathew loves to maintain a low profile. Even as he has spent the last few years bringing up Radio Mango from scratch (Amit hails...

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Biz  |  19 Jan 2010

Brighter days ahead for FM, community radio in India

NEW DELHI: Although 2009 did not begin so well for private FM radio with the government adamant that it would not permit the broadcast of news and...

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Biz  |  04 Jan 2010

Rewind '09 - Radio events that defined '09

MUMBAI: Some of these events that caused ripples in the radio industry in India last year, involved people, some were policy changes and some were...

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Biz  |  03 Nov 2009

FM industry struggles to stay afloat as Phase III looms

MUMBAI: Phase III of FM radio expansion in the country is around the corner, with 700 additional frequencies to be rolled out in 92 cities by the I...

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Biz  |  04 Aug 2009

A time to wake up

The third phase of financial bidding for FM stations is around the corner and the players are all geared to bag the few metro stations and a clutch...

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Biz  |  02 Sep 2008

Radio Mirchi CEO Prashant Panday - We will carry out the fight against piracy on our own

In association with sibling Mirchi Movies, Radio Mirchi has launched its maiden CSR initiative 'Listen to my movie'. The forthcoming children's film...

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