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Entertainment  |  05 Nov 2021

Indie artist Nikitaa drops her debut English album titled 'High Priestess'

MUMBAI: The breakthrough star on the indie music scene,the 27 year-old singer songwriter Nikitaa creates a witty blend of sassy melodies, partnered

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Entertainment  |  20 Oct 2021

Rising Indie artist Nikitaa gears up for her next single 'DITK' from her upcoming

MUMBAI: The multi-creative artist who pursues everything that inspires her is currently excited about her indie-pop Album ‘High Priestess’.

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Entertainment  |  17 Sep 2021

Indie artist Nikitaa returns with a new track titled 'Farewell'

MUMBAI: With the rise of independent music, artists are now exploring larger digital avenues to release music globally in varied genres and languag

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Entertainment  |  02 Jul 2021

Pop singer Nikitaa drops video of her latest song 'Wolf'

MUMBAI: Independent artist Nikita, who has managed to release four pop singles during the lockdown drops video of her latest track Wolf.

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Entertainment  |  03 Jun 2021

Nikitaa had fun and hilarious experience with "Wolf"

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Nikitaa has come up with a new song “Wolf”.

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Entertainment  |  08 Mar 2021

Nikitaa says women deserves to be celebrated and treated as equals

MUMBAI: On Women's Day, we talk about celebrating women power and empowering women too. But is that enough?

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Entertainment  |  18 Feb 2021

Nikitaa wishes to focus on continuing to grow more both as a person and as an artist

MUMBAI: Nikitaa’s acoustic version “Universe” is more powerful than the original rendition.

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Entertainment  |  17 Dec 2020

Nikitaa wanted "Tum Aur Main" to be a dedication of love

MUMBAI: Independent singer Nikitaa dropped a new hindi love song “Tum Aur Main” with Nikhil D'Souza and the Lyrics of this song is penned by Kunaa

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Entertainment  |  16 Dec 2020

Nikhil D'Souza collaborates with Nikitaa on a futuristic love song

MUMBAI: Singers Nikhil D'Souza and Nikitaa have teamed up for the song, Tum aur main, which is set in a futuristic world of love.

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Entertainment  |  16 Oct 2020

Songwriter Nikitaa releases her first pop love song, co-written by Ash King.

MUMBAI: Back with the fourth release in the pandemic, independent artist Nikitaa’s latest release brings out her romantic side.

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Entertainment  |  12 Aug 2020

Singer-Songwriter Nikitaa launches an acoustic version of her latest single 'Goddess Acoustic'

The rise of independent music has seen a lot of singer/songwriter releasing music digitally and on streaming sites.

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