Entertainment  |  28 Sep 2023

Munawar's Surprising Link to Bollywood's '3 Idiots

MUMBAI: Musician Munawar, currently basking in the success of his debut album 'Madari,' recently revealed an unusual anecdote about the b

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Entertainment  |  21 Jun 2023

Munawar all set to win hearts with his special first ever singing performance at an highly anticipated event in Mumbai

MUMBAIs Singer - Rapper Munawar who is currently making headlines for his album ‘Madari’ seems to have earned a space for himself in the Indian mus

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Entertainment  |  15 Jun 2023

Experience the Magic of Munawar's "Madari" - A Musical Masterpiece

MUMBAI: Recognized as one of the most promising music talents, Munawar has dropped his highly anticipated album, "Madari," creating a buz

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Entertainment  |  12 Jun 2023

Munawar says late Irrfan Khan was the inspiration behind his song 'Madari'

MUMBAI: Singer Munawar, who has just dropped his album 'Madari', credits late actor Irrfan Khan for inspiring him.

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Entertainment  |  09 Jun 2023

Fans can't stop Praising Munawar's latest Album Madari!

MUMBAI: Munawar has proven himself to be a talented force in the entertainment industry, and his foray into music with the album Madari has been me

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Entertainment  |  06 Jun 2023

Munawar’s maiden album Madari has dropped in today & we can’t stop humming all the tunes from it!

MUMBAI: Munawar is known to be one of the most talented upcoming artists in today’s age and time.

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Entertainment  |  02 Jun 2023

When Munawar manned up as breadwinner of family after his father's illness

MUMBAI:Singer-comedian Munawar, who recently released his album 'Madari', has shared that he did "odd jobs" at one point in his

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Entertainment  |  29 May 2023

Singer Munawar all set to launch his much-awaited album 'Madari' on June 6

MUMBAI: Singer Munawar, who’s recognized as one of the most promising music talents currently has some great news for millions of his fans out ther

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Entertainment  |  29 May 2023

Munawar reveals 'Madari' has a contrasting mix of sound textures, poetry

MUMBAI: After dropping songs such as 'Noor' and 'Alag BT' from his latest album 'Madari', comedia-singer Munawar has revealed the release date of

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Entertainment  |  24 May 2023

'I never really considered becoming a singer,' says comedian-singer Munawar

MUMBAI: Comedian and singer Munawar has discussed his journey as a singer and said that he never considered being one.

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Entertainment  |  09 May 2023

Munawar’s latest single Noor is a rage amongst the youth of the nation!

MUMBAI: Munawar, the singer-songwriter, has established himself as a unique and talented artist in today's music scene.

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