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Entertainment  |  22 Jun 2022

Will Taylor Swift be one of the exciting cameos in Thor: Love and Thunder?

MUMBAI: A Marvel film is incomplete without a cameo; whether it’s in the post credit scenes or bang in the middle of the movie, a great cameo is a

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Entertainment  |  17 May 2017

Miley Cyrus blames father for twerking phase

MUMBAI: Singer-actress Miley Cyrus says her twerking phase was a result of spending too much time with her father and singer-songwriter Billy Ray d

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Entertainment  |  13 May 2017

Miley Cyrus was 'always a little controversial'

MUMBAI: Singer-actress Miley Cyrus believes she was 'always a little controversial' right from a young age.

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Entertainment  |  12 May 2017

Miley Cyrus teases new music video 'Malibu' and will perform at Billboard Music Awards 2017

MUMBAI: The singer is set to release a new single, 'Malibu', and will perform it for the first time on TV at the 2017 Billboard Music Awa

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Entertainment  |  08 May 2017

Miley Cyrus thinks fashion has gone downhill

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus believes fashion has gone downhill because people are not dressing outrageously.

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Entertainment  |  05 May 2017

I'm not doing drugs: Miley Cyrus

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus has revealed that she hasn't taken drugs since last three weeks.

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Entertainment  |  04 May 2017

Miley's song says how she, Hemsworth fell in love

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus's new single ‘Malibu’ is on how she and her fiancé and actor Liam Hemsworth had to "refall for each other&quot

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Entertainment  |  02 May 2017

Billy Ray Cyrus changes name

MUMBAI: American singer Billy Ray Cyrus is legally changing his name to Cyrus later this year.

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Entertainment  |  20 Apr 2017

Katy Perry shares Goddess Kali's image, gets trolled

MUMBAI: American singer Katy Perry became a victim of online trolls when she posted an image of Indian Goddess Kali on social media to depict her

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Entertainment  |  12 Apr 2017

Nude images of Cyrus, Waterhouse leaked

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus and model-actress Suki Waterhouse's nude photographs have been leaked online.

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Entertainment  |  24 Mar 2017

Cyrus, Hemsworth to start a family?

MUMBAI: Singer-actress Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth has sparked speculation that they are planning on starting a family soon.

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