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Entertainment  |  22 Jun 2022

Will Taylor Swift be one of the exciting cameos in Thor: Love and Thunder?

MUMBAI: A Marvel film is incomplete without a cameo; whether it’s in the post credit scenes or bang in the middle of the movie, a great cameo is a

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Entertainment  |  20 Jul 2017

Gus Kenworthy 'made out' with Miley Cyrus

MUMBAI: Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy says he made out with singer Miley Cyrus.

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Entertainment  |  14 Jul 2017

Miley Cyrus doesn't care about 'being cool'

MUMBAI: Singer-actress Miley Cyrus says she doesnt think about being cool, and wants to be herself.

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Entertainment  |  13 Jul 2017

Miley, Liam's 'explosive fight' over prenuptial agreement

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth are ready to get married soon but they are reportedly having a disagreement over a prenuptial a

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Entertainment  |  20 Jun 2017

Miley Cyrus criticises Dolce & Gabbana

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus has criticised Dolce & Gabbana after the fashion brand decided to dress First Lady Melania Trump.

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Entertainment  |  16 Jun 2017

Miley Cyrus thought she'd die from smoking weed

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus stopped smoking marijuana after having a nightmare about an after-effect.

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Entertainment  |  12 Jun 2017

Miley Cyrus performs at LGBTQ concert

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus held the rainbow banner high when she took the stage at the 2017 Capital Pride Concert here in a colourful ensemble for

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Entertainment  |  29 May 2017

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth trying for twins

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth are reportedly trying for twins. The couple reconciled in early 2016.

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Entertainment  |  25 May 2017

Miley Cyrus dedicates song to Ariana Grande

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus dedicated her performance on TV show ‘The Voice’ to singer Ariana Grande and the victims of the suspected terrorist atta

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Entertainment  |  19 May 2017

I'm really proud of Miley Cyrus: Demi Lovato

MUMBAI: Singer Demi Lovato says she is proud of singer Miley Cyrus for embracing sobriety.

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Entertainment  |  17 May 2017

Miley has 'weird' friendship with Katy

MUMBAI: Singer Miley Cyrus will soon complete 10 years of her friendship with singer Katy Perry and she considers it weird.

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