Biz  |  04 Jan 2010

Rewind '09 - Radio events that defined '09

MUMBAI: Some of these events that caused ripples in the radio industry in India last year, involved people, some were policy changes and some were...

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Biz  |  26 Sep 2009

Re-visiting Meow 104.8 FM

I've been thinking of reviewing Meow FM again to understand and share how it has evolved since then but it was only after one of the hosts at Meow...

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Entertainment  |  11 Jul 2009

RJ Mehak - 'RJs need to be quirky, otherwise they go unnoticed'

She has juggled radio, dubbing, MCing, theater and will soon be seen wooing and shaking a leg with Salman Khan on his show Dus Ka Dum. Mumbai is the...

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