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Entertainment  |  02 Jan 2022

James Blunt spent more than a decade writing a song

MUMBAI: Singer James Blunt has revealed he spent more than a decade writing one song.

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Entertainment  |  15 Nov 2021

James Blunt: I'm the least cool person in the world

MUMBAI: Singer James Blunt admits to lacking an aura of coolness and he points to an embarrassing incident at Glastonbury to prove his point.

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Entertainment  |  06 Nov 2020

James Blunt recalls being accused of stalking

MUMBAI: Singer James Blunt says a woman once demanded royalties of his hit song, Youre beautiful, claiming that the song was about her.

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Entertainment  |  24 Jan 2020

Sonu Nigam, Natalia Lesz give fans an opportunity to share the mic with them on collaborative single 'Fire In The Sky’

MUMBAI: Legendary Sonu Nigam and actress / singer Natalia Lesz give fans an opportunity to share the mic with them on their collaborative single “F

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Entertainment  |  14 Jan 2020

Ellie Goulding treats husband to a romantic Paris trip

MUMBAI: Singer Ellie Goulding treated her husband Caspar Jopling on a trip to Paris on his 28th birthday.

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Entertainment  |  09 Apr 2018

James Blunt's casual attitude key to handling social media

MUMBAI: Singer James Blunt says his ability to not take the platform "too seriously" has helped him maintain a healthy relationship with the socia

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Ed Sheeran
Entertainment  |  27 Nov 2017

James Blunt makes Sheeran godfather to his son

MUMBAI: Singer Ed Sheeran has revealed that singer-musician James Blunt has made him the godfather to his son.

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Entertainment  |  20 Mar 2017

Blunt says Sheeran made him feel uncomfortable

MUMBAI: British singer James Blunt says his friend and singer Ed Sheeran made him uncomfortable while they were writing songs together.

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Entertainment  |  19 Mar 2015

Adele, Amy Winehouse and James Blunt lead best-selling UK albums of the millennium

MUMBAI: British singer/ songwriter- Adele, known for her deep and emotive songs, has broken a yet another record with her Grammy winning album ‘21

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Entertainment  |  16 Mar 2015

Ed Sheeran, David Guetta, John Legend and James Blunt join to celebrate happiness

MUMBAI: Let’s share happiness through music with a playlist created by some awesome and popular artistes compiling it for you, to mark Internation

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Entertainment  |  11 Nov 2014

James Blunt: I am not earnest

MUMBAI: Singer James Blunt says he's not earnest, suggesting his music gives a distorted picture of what he's really like.

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