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Entertainment  |  30 Apr 2022

Founder-CEO, Picturetime Sushil Chaudhary and composer Joi Barua brought Ladakh International Music Festival alive with the Indian Army

MUMBAI: Picturetime join forces with the Indian Army for the 1st Ladakh International Music Festival at Leh and Ladakh from April 30 to May 2 will

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Entertainment  |  06 Dec 2021

Artist pulls out their names to perform at Hornbill Music Festival

MUMBAI: Artist who are to perform at Hornbill Music Festival are pulling out their names.

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Entertainment  |  06 Dec 2021

Hornbill Festival boycott after 13 civilians civilians were cold-blooded murder by security forces

MUMBAI: All activities at the Naga Heritage Village, Kisama after 13 civilians were cold-blooded murder by security forces on December 4 incident a

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Entertainment  |  31 Jul 2020

Get a sneak peak into Nagaland's rich music culture!

MUMBAI: Music is an intrinsic part of life for the Nagas.

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Entertainment  |  25 Nov 2019

Bollywood has always been India's pop music: Indus Creed

MUMBAI: Uday Benegal, singer of Indus Creed, one of India's oldest rock bands, says the Bollywood genre has always been India's pop music.

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Entertainment  |  06 Jul 2018

Work ethic is one trait that we strive to emulate from Kailash Ji (Kher): Sreekant's Surfira band

MUMBAI: Sreekant’s Surfira, a band launched by Kailash Kher, is all set to perform at the upcoming NCPA Band Baja event, to be held in Mumbai toda

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Entertainment  |  01 Dec 2017

Hornbill Festival to focus on showcasing artistes from Nagaland

MUMBAI: December is here and it’s time for all to head to Nagaland and join the citizens in celebrating Hornbill Festival, the 10-day event that s

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Pic courtesy:Vikramjit Kakati / Wikimedia
Biz  |  13 Oct 2015

Hornbill Festival 2015 musical budget to be approx 1.5 crore

MUMBAI: Hornbill, one of the biggest cultural festivals in Nagaland, will be a grand one for Rock ‘n Roll fans with international bands - Helloween

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Biz  |  02 Jan 2013

2012: Top 10 music festivals in India

India played host to more and more fest in 2013- long standing favourites and exciting new ones. The sheer number and variety of festivals makes it...

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