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Entertainment  |  04 Jun 2019

Naezy and Sez On The Beat release single on 'corrupt practices'

MUMBAI: ‘Khaate peete rehna maama Pesha hai kya yeh tumhaara x4,’ questions Naezy in his latest single Mama Mia.The track that releas

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Entertainment  |  18 Jul 2016

The 'socially aware' rapper Naezy releases video for 'Tragedy Mein Comedy'

MUMBAI: To continue with the conscious tradition of incorporating current thoughts and the love for rap, Mumbai-based emerging talent Naezy release

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Entertainment  |  09 May 2016

Rapper Naezy's new single urges youth to strive for rights

MUMBAI: Gradually, Hip Hop has been generating awareness, due for too long, throughout the country.

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