Biz  |  05 Apr 2017

After lying in the backburner, Ravenshwar radio to be back on-air

MUMBAI: For three years, 90.4 FM Ravenshaw radio was off-air due to technical issues, but now they have plans of reviving it.

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Biz  |  05 Jan 2017

FM broadcasters asked to air public interest jingles

NEW DELHI: All FM Radio channels are expected to broadcast public interest announcements as may be required by the Central Government/concerned Sta

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Biz  |  10 Dec 2016

90% subsidy for community radios in north east, 75% subsidy in other states

New Delhi: In a scenario where the number of operational community radio stations remains 191 after more than a decade of launch of the scheme, the

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Biz  |  01 Nov 2016

Govt cancels licences for FM channels in Agartala and Itanagar

NEW DELHI: Positive Radio Pvt. Limited based in Noida and Guwahati has lost its licence to establish, maintain and operate private FM radio...

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Biz  |  29 Aug 2016

115 community radio stations get interim extension till year end

NEW DELHI: A total of 115 community radio stations have received interim renewal of their Grant of Permission Agreement (GoPA) till 31 December 201

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Biz  |  22 Mar 2016

Number of operational community radio stations goes up to 191

New Delhi: Even as 235 entities have signed the grant of permission agreement (GOPA) for setting up community radio stations in the country, the ac

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Biz  |  03 Mar 2016

Two community radio stations violate Programme Code, get show cause notice

NEW DELHI: Show cause notices have been issued to two community radio stations for broadcasting programmes in violation of Point (iii) of AIR Code

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Biz  |  08 Jan 2016

Interim renewals to be given to community radio stations pending security clearance and finalization of policy

New Delhi: Pending finalization of renewal policy and receipt of fresh security clearance, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has decided to

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Biz  |  26 Nov 2015

Single window licence process could be huge boost to community radio

MUMBAI: Community radio stations have always been used as a tool to democratise information, create awareness and develop citizenship, particularl

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Biz  |  26 Nov 2015

Home Ministry demands fresh security clearance from community radios seeking extension

NEW DELHI: Community Radio stations whose licences are expiring by 31 March next year have been asked to apply for an extension.

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Biz  |  25 Nov 2015

Only 188 Community Radio Stations operational even after a decade of the sector

NEW DELHI: Even as 235 entities have signed the grant of permission agreement (GOPA) for setting up community radio stations (CRS) in the country,

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