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Entertainment  |  25 Apr 2019

There is a resurgence of jazz in India: Louis Banks

MUMBAI: Father of Indian Jazz, Louis Banks has teamed up with NCPA to curate a musical evening dedicated to celebra

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Entertainment  |  12 Mar 2016

What I love about the stage is "image": Manasi Scott

MUMBAI: She can get you ‘High’ with her music and prove you ‘Jhoota’, if you think that a pretty woman can’t be multi-talented.

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Entertainment  |  18 Jan 2016

Drum-e-Baaz II: Know everything about a 26-year-old's brave initiative

MUMBAI: "It’s easy to begin something.

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Entertainment  |  28 Dec 2015

'Ananthaal' selected as Apple's 'Best Indian Pop Album' of 2015

MUMBAI: Ananthaal’s self titled debut album recently released on Times Music, has been recognized as Apple Music’s Best Indian Pop Album of 2015.

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Entertainment  |  08 Oct 2015

Guitarist Pozy Dhar releases solo debut album 'The Future of Yesterday'

MUMBAI: Pozy Dhar aka Niranjan Dhar is quite a familiar face in the indie music scene, often seeing playing guitar for bands like Tough On Tobacco

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Entertainment  |  24 Sep 2015

Clinton Cerejo's Ananthaal to release self titled album

MUMBAI: Although Ananthaal is one of relatively newer bands in town, its members have been around the music scene for a while.

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Entertainment  |  08 Jul 2015

Manoj Yadav writes two songs for Arka's new album

MUMBAI: 'Teri Mei Kahaani’ lyricist, Manoj Yadav, has written a couple of songs ‘7 ½’ and ‘Parmaatma’ for the newly formed band- Arka.

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Entertainment  |  07 May 2015

Karthik: You learn humbleness from AR Rahman Sir and discipline from Ilayarajaji

MUMBAI: He maybe only 34 years old, but he is already considered a veteran in the Indian music industry.

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Biz  |  09 Feb 2015

'Music Works' inspires GenNext music professionals

MUMBAI: Mumbai's renowned music academy True School of Music (TSM) organized a highly successful edition of 'Music Works', a one-day workshop that

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