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Entertainment  |  10 Oct 2019

World Mental Health Day: When music became an awareness tool for mental health!

MUMBAI: Emotional and mental well-being is just as important as physical well being. 10 October marks World Mental Health Day, a day when people f

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Entertainment  |  04 Oct 2019

Taylor Swift had emotional meltdown after eye surgery!

MUMBAI: Singer Taylor Swift almost had an emotional meltdown after a laser eye surgery.

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Entertainment  |  05 Apr 2018

5 Things to know about Ankit Tiwari

MUMBAI: We speculate celebs the way their stardom appears in front of us, but do we actually know them enough to judge them?

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Entertainment  |  30 May 2016

Selena Gomez gets emotional during performance

MUMBAI: Singer Selena Gomez got emotional onstage during her performance in Montreal as part of her ongoing 'Revival' tour.

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Biz  |  18 Aug 2015

Listening to music lowers anxiety during breast biopsies

MUMBAI: Listening to live or recorded music significantly reduces anxiety for women undergoing surgical breast biopsies for cancer diagnosis and tr

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